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SC Media Centre - Reon Energy

Solar technology a phenomenal response to Pakistan's power crisis

Karachi: March 31, 2016 - The Government envisions overcoming the severe energy crisis through application of renewable energy especially solar energy technologies. The Government in accordance with the Federal Policy for Development of Renewable Energy 2006(Revised in 2009) Framework and various other general, fiscal and financial incentives has initiated work to foster renewable energy generation.

Pakistan with high solar irradiation, especially in southern Punjab, makes solar technology a phenomenal response to the power crisis that currently ranges between 3000-5000 MW. Solar with its shorter set up time, modular design, and ease of integration with the existing infrastructure can be utilized to generate energy. Inam ur Rahman, CEO, Reon Energy Limited stated "Prices for solar PV systems have declined markedly in recent years. With increasing viability of solar, and greater regulatory support such as wheeling for renewable energy producers, mandatory purchase of power from IPPs, net metering offers enormous opportunities for private sector companies. Financial options if extensively available can further smoothen the process of transfer to solar technologies." Reon Energy Limited is a part of Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited, the largest private sector energy provider in Pakistan. Reon with its quality products and service solutions has provided solutions for manufacturing companies, telecom towers, health care facilities, and academic institutions across Pakistan. Reon has recently received its certification for ISO 14001: EMS making it one of the pioneering companies to implement health and safety standards in Pakistan.

Intervention at regulatory level from the government along with significant support from financial institutions can be a way forward for Pakistan's energy industry. Further private sector companies must maintain product standards, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies, and effective teams to make this process fruitful for the business community.

Lighting up the Hospitals at Hub - Solar Power by Reon Energy
Karachi: March 24, 2016 - Reon Energy Limited - the leading solar energy company in Pakistan. Successfully delivered a 5.5kWp Off-Grid Solar Solution for Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital at Hub. The project has been sponsored by HUBCO and will provide 24 hour power access to the emergency and labor rooms at the hospital. "The emergency room at this hospital caters to more than 1500 people every month, whilst more than 240 maternity cases are managed every month at this facility. The solar solution is currently running 25 bulbs, 12 fans and other devices," said Dr. Abbas Lasi, one of the key officials at the hospital. This solar solution, aside from bringing energy security and availability to areas where there is none, will also result in cost savings for the hospital.
Inam ur Rahman, CEO, Reon Energy Limited stated, "At Reon we see every rooftop as a possible producer of electricity. Solar energy solutions can help transform the quality of health care at an institutional level, especially for those residing in the off-grid areas of Pakistan."
This is the second collaborative venture between Hub Power Company Limited (HUBCO) and Reon. Earlier, Reon had also provided a solar solution for TCF School HUBCO IPGDL Campus that is one if the pioneering schools in the region running on solar energy. Reon Energy Limited is a part of the Dawood Hercules Corporation - which is the single largest contributor in the private energy sector of Pakistan - in total controlling up to 1800 MW of generation capacity with major ventures like HUBCO, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company and Laraib Energy.

Seminar on Industrial and Commercial Solar EPC Solutions by REON Solar Energy

Karachi: March 17, 2016 - Reon Energy Limited, the leading provider of solar energy technology in Pakistan, hosted a seminar on Industrial and Commercial Solar EPC Solutions at the IBL building in Karachi for consultants and contractors.

The event discussed the advances in solar energy technologies as well as the feasibility of solar solution for Pakistan, where we are naturally blessed with abundant solar energy. The seminar highlighted the application of the technology for the Industrial and Commercial sector as well as REON's experience within this sector. Today REON offers On-grid, Off-Grid as well PV Hybrid Systems, which gives its clients the freedom to get their system tailor made based on their existing energy mix. The company gave a tour of the roof mounted solar solution, designed and installed at the IBL Building, which has a system capacity of 13.70 kW. The project is an example of their energy sales option, which means that REON sells the energy to the client instead of them setting up the system at their cost.

"Reon is the leading solar energy solutions venture that partners with businesses and industries to help provide energy security and independence. Such solar solutions hold a modular design and can easily be integrated with the existing infrastructure. The company has installed various medium to large scales projects during the year with1 MWp solution at Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited being one of its most recent installations. , said Inam ur Rahman, CEO Reon Energy Limited.

At the event were present notable dignitaries from the leading consultancies that included NESPAK, EA Consulting Pvt. Ltd, etc.Events of such nature are critical to the development as well as education of the market to promote not only renewable energy technologies but also their safe application in a cost-effective manner.