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SC Media Centre - Microsoft

Microsoft Pakistan and P@SHA sign partnership for cloud based trainings

Karachi: May 16, 2018 - As part of Microsoft's worldwide efforts to empower people along with organizations, across a variety of industries and verticals, it is driving 'digital transformation' as a means for achieving economic prosperity. By boosting a company's productivity through cloud computing, Microsoft believes that organizations that are enabled with cloud computing will be more innovative and capture new business worldwide. Digital transformation is a digital eco-system that can present untapped opportunities for a variety of organizations such as governments, community and business leaders who want to increase their export capabilities along with attracting foreign investment. Microsoft has a long history of partnering with governments, businesses and individuals to make technology accessible to the younger generation. Further to these goals, Microsoft's vision to use Azure as a way to democratize artificial intelligence (AI) will help companies to build cloud fueled AI based solutions across the globe.

Throughout Pakistan, Microsoft has led initiatives to support digital transformation. As a partner led company, Microsoft relies on local economies to create considerable growth across the digital domain. Microsoft Pakistan is steadfastly pursing a cloud readiness strategy for the future within Pakistan. Amongst these initiatives Microsoft Pakistan has signed a partnership with P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) that will introduce a new universe of cloud computing with specialized courses and certificates. The participants can connect with experts and meet like-minded cloud enthusiasts with the help of these courses specifically designed for them. They can get acquainted with insights on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and opportunities for start-ups plus come to know about the success stories. Microsoft's cloud platform can help the participants acquire the tools to achieve Digital transformation. This will enable them to empower their customers and help them grow their business.

The courses that will be offered by Microsoft Pakistan for this partnership are: - Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Migrating Workloads to Azure, Data Science Essentials, DevOps for developers -Getting started and Artificial Intelligence.

"Microsoft's vision is to enable and empower individuals and organizations through technology. We create robust platforms that our partners and customers use to solve business challenges. We are focusing on building a strong ISV and startups ecosystem and ensuring that they are ready on new digital skills including cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, big data and IOT. Partnership with P@SHA is in line with our mutual goal of enabling the ISV ecosystem" said Abid Zaidi, Microsoft Pakistan Country Manager.

He then added "In order to scale and have the required impact, we are keen to further collaborate and forge similar partnerships. I see these technology-driven alliances will go a long way in nurturing fresh efforts for nation-building."

P@SHA Secretary General Shehryar Hydri said, "Microsoft Pakistan is very active and committed to the local market and this partnership around their cloud solutions will not only upskill our local workforce but also enable tech companies to expand outside Pakistan and scale aggressively."

Microsoft Pakistan is on its way to nurture a highly evolved academic culture in the country, by integrating global advancements and cutting-edge tools thus, empowering our students and businesses to contribute and compete in the global workforce. Microsoft Pakistan has worked with all the business sectors and industries in Pakistan and is helping them to attain growth in all dimensions. Microsoft is a global leader in technology and innovation and has over 40k sellers and hundreds of thousands of partners in Pakistan. By plugging ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) into a sales engine, Microsoft Pakistan can connect them directly to customers.

Cloud technology is popular throughout the regions and in Pakistan by way of contributing to national development, enhancing socio-economic growth, enabling innovation and improving service delivery. Regardless of these efforts there is still a significant shortage of skilled job candidates to fulfill the demands of cloud related jobs. To full realize the full potential of the cloud Microsoft has launched the 'Microsoft Cloud Society' program to offer people working in the technology sector to be trained, certified and work face to face with Microsoft cloud experts.

Microsoft Cloud Society is aimed at equipping IT workers at all levels with Azure based cloud ready skills. The program enables learning at one's own pace. Allowing one to select a learning program online, or choose from a variety of cloud topics including cloud administration, big data, security, deployment and data science. Each topic provides online courses that allows individual enrollment. As knowledge grows, the individual can also complete exams both through Microsoft or its training partners, to receive official Azure certifications recognized throughout the industry.

Higher Education Commission and Microsoft Pakistan announce the 'Imagine Cup' Winners from Pakistan to compete in Global Competition 2018 in Seattle

Karachi: May 10, 2018 - Microsoft Pakistan today proudly announced the Pakistan winners of Imagine Cup 2018 at a grand Event hosted at Higher Education Commission Pakistan in Sector H9. Imagine Cup continues to foster innovation among students and enables them to transform their ambitions into reality.

With a clear vision the winning team from NUST - Team Fe Amaan, their idea to monitor fetal health with a cheap wearable device, in a bid to reduce the birth causality rate in Pakistan & globally was the winner among 28 finalist teams from across the country. Congratulating the winners of this year's national finals Dr Arshad Ali; Executive Director HEC said "Imagine Cup is all about innovation, transformation and what comes next. Imagine cup continues to cultivate a spirit of social and technological entrepreneurship, empowering students to use their creativity to address real societal problems through technology. We have seen extremely innovative ideas coming in and the students who have been participating especially in the imagine cup and so many of them have gone on to establish their own startups that are now becoming multimillion dollar companies. I am proud of our students for participating in this Global event and I am sure they will bring laurels for Pakistan". The team will now represent Pakistan at the upcoming worldwide finals in Seattle, USA, to compete among global teams for a USD $100,000 prize.

Microsoft Pakistan: An outstanding participation across the region

Microsoft Imagine Cup continues to witness strong participation from Pakistan, as well as world over. This year, as an initiative of the Strategic Partnership with HEC; Microsoft Pakistan reached out to more than 56 campuses this year through onsite sessions in a bid to create awareness around the competition and effectively market it to the audience, which resulted in record breaking project entries (102+) in this competition, 40% & 60% above from 2017 & 2016 respectively. HEC's commitment to the academia and students is reflected as Microsoft drives the Imagine Cup to highlight Pakistan's position on the leader boards - Thus, Pakistan ranks as the TOP country in the Middle East and Africa cluster, with the highest number of project submissions and competitors in Imagine Cup. Pakistan also ranks 3rd worldwide, in the same category students from various universities participated enthusiastically, as the competition received an overwhelming response. A lot of remote and underprivileged areas were targeted specifically in the drive for Imagine Cup, particularly Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur and Quetta. Students were initially evaluated in Regional finals, held in different cities and the best teams competed to win the National Finals. The winning teams showcased their innovative thinking, technical skills and ground-breaking solutions to address everyday challenges.

Country General Manager Microsoft Pakistan Mr. Abid Zaidi said "As Microsoft we strive to bring the right set of tools and technology towards the students so that they can change the work for the better. The way we look at our students, we feel that they are the agents of change and they just need the right set of tools to succeed. The energy these students are bringing to Imagine cup is phenomenal. As a technology company we want to empower our students and enable them to shape our future "

Imagine Cup is one of Microsoft's many efforts to transform skill development, nurture budding technologists and foster collaborative and innovative spirit. This global technology competition boasts of several success stories emerging from the competition. It's a great platform to innovate, get recognized and eventually get enabled to bring about a positive change. Historically, Pakistan has always ranked high in the Middle East region, with the highest number of project submissions and competitors in the Imagine Cup. Pakistan will continue to feature prominently in future competitions.