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Peter Drucker, 1909-2005

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."

SC Marketing Services

For a product or a service to reach the targeted consumers or even for the message to be conveyed properly to its intended audience, it is pertinent that an appropriate marketing or promotional activity should be planned and executed. This proper execution should be such that not only it helps built the firm's image and increase its market share, but this should be done within a fixed budget and a time frame.

Thus for this reason, SHAMROCK Communications provides a range of Below-the-Line marketing activities that promises to do the very same for your organization.

Direct Marketing & Direct Mail

Segmented Mailing Lists for DM Programs

Segmented E-Mail addresses for Electronic Mailings

Documentary Films and Corporate Videos

In-House Magazines & Newsletters

Multi-Media Creative Solutions

Website Development

Animated Presentations

Concept & Design of Exhibition Stalls in 3D

Design Communications Workshop

Full board desktop publishing

State-of-the-art hi-tech equipment


Direct Marketing & Direct Mail
When creative, incentive driven messages reach a target person on his/ her desk there are more chances than none that there will be a response to the carrot. We offer a comprehensive solution to this direct marketing tool by providing all services under one roof, including concept development, copy-writing, designing, production, database management, mailing and response-handling. Segmented mailing lists are also offered to clients availing of this service.

Films & Corporate Videos
From simple 5 minute induction videos to comprehensive 30 minute documentary films, our team of experienced filmmakers offers a comprehensive range of technologically advanced digital camera recording and editing facilities. Direction, script writing and voice-over services are included in the package.

In-House Magazines & Newsletters
We specialize in creating in-house magazines and newsletters offering a full range of services including issue planning, reporting, interviewing, article writing, photography, design and layout, proof reading, top quality printing & production and mailing/ distribution.

Multi-Media Creative Solutions
Keeping in view the latest trends and creative developments of the ever-changing marketing scenario in the country, SHAMROCK's creative together with its multi-media team goes all out in providing a range of creative solutions to firms looking to increasing their marketing profiles. Such solutions range from creating interactive websites to producing animated presentations to designing ultra-modern and chic exhibition stalls. 

Design Communications Workshop
Using top of the line graphics and animation equipment and the expertise of trained graphics designers, we provide personalized services to all design requirements of our clients. We create designs for brochures, flyers, annual reports, stationery etc.